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NEWS: Daylight Saving Party MP Wilson Tucker caught COVID-19 while working in the United States

June 09, 2021

A newly elected WA MP has revealed he caught COVID-19 while working overseas — and has warned that the disease is “no joke.”

Daylight Saving Party member Wilson Tucker was elected to represent the vast Mining and Pastoral Region at the March State election, despite receiving just 98 primary votes.

The new MP revealed on Wednesday he contracted COVID-19 in February while working as a software manager in the United States.

“What followed can be described as nothing other than 10 days of pain and discomfort,” he said.

“I had a chronic headache, difficulty breathing, and I lost all sense of energy in my body.

“As an able-bodied young male, I can only imagine how serious the symptoms can be for more vulnerable people such as the elderly and pregnant women.”

Mr Tucker said that he was compelled to share his story by reports of vaccine hesitancy in WA.

He called on the WA Government to “revamp” its attempts to reach the jab-nervous.

“Regional and rural WA is home to many culturally and linguistically diverse communities where levels of misinformation and mistrust can be high,” he said.

“The Government should partner with local champions such as elders, athletes and artists, and promote the benefits of getting the jab.”

A survey released by the Growth Intelligence Centre last week revealed 34 per cent of Australians were resistant or hesitant about getting the vaccine, up from 32 per cent in January.

58 per cent of unvaccinated Australians were concerned about side effects, the survey revealed.