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NEWS: Tucker gets to grips on gun ‘issue’

August 23, 2021

Wilson Tucker says he is on a “fact-finding mission” to understand more about the issues facing gun owners in WA after regional residents expressed concerns about licence duplications and increased fees.

The Mining and Pastoral Region MP is on a week-long charm offensive of Kalgoorlie-Boulder meeting stakeholders and getting to grips with some of the issues faced by the electorate.

Mr Tucker yesterday fired off some rounds at the Kalgoorlie-Boulder branch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia while talking to its members.

That comes after Mr Tucker moved in to the Perth office of former Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party MP Rick Mazza when the Daylight Saving Party Member was sworn into WA’s Upper House in May.

Mr Tucker said gun owners had been contacting him to express their concern at annual licence fees. He said he felt it was an opportunity to represent people who would have previously relied on Mr Mazza — who was an Upper House MP for the Agriculture Region — for support.

“There’s certainly people in Mining and Pastoral that have been reaching out ... it’s an issue for them,” Mr Tucker said.

“Rick was obviously an advocate for that space and I think there is probably a lack of a voice for people representing shooters in WA so I think that’s where they might be looking for someone to stand up for their rights.

“So I’m certainly open to representing people on the issue, but first I think it’s important to touch base and try and talk to people on the ground and get a better sense of the issue. It’s more of a fact-finding mission at this stage.” Mr Tucker, who grew up in regional WA, is no stranger to rifles and used to shoot vermin and kangaroos on the family farm in the Vasse region.

He said there was “a little bit of stigma around gun ownership”.