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STATEMENT: I'm the guy who got elected with 98 votes

May 25, 2021

My name is Wilson Tucker, and I’m the guy who got elected to the WA Parliament with only 98 primary votes.

The Premier would have you believe that I’m a ‘threat to democracy’. The reality is that I’m just a guy from Bunbury who works in IT, loves the great outdoors, and wants Western Australia to lighten up a bit.

Western Australia is long overdue for another debate on daylight saving, and on this occasion, I won’t allow scare tactics to cloud the judgement of Western Australians.

Daylight saving means more time for WA businesses to trade with the east coast, more sunlight for kids to socialise in the evening, and more post-work social opportunities for young and older adults.

That extra bit of sunlight in the evening could just be what turns Perth from a bit of a ‘Dullsville’, into a vibrant and cosmopolitan city.

Beyond the issue of daylight saving, my goal is to serve as the ‘Member for Millennials’, and to advocate for the interests of this often-neglected generation.

This includes creating good and meaningful jobs, addressing housing affordability and improving access to mental health services.

I’m tired of hearing about how employers want graduates with ten years of experience; or how houses are slipping in build quality but are becoming more expensive; or how so many of our indigenous youth are being left behind.

I recognise that I’m a bit of a wildcard, but I promise I won’t let you down, WA.