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STATEMENT: Over 22,000 phone calls about ServiceWA

February 18, 2022

Earlier this week, I obtained evidence via parliamentary questions regarding the useability of the app ServiceWA which confirmed that:

  • Approximately 13 per cent of people who installed the app ServiceWA are yet to link to the app their COVID-19 digital certificate;
  • Last week, over 22,000 phone calls were made and close to 6,600 emails were sent requesting technical support regarding the app; and
  • Last week, nearly one million more check ins were made using SafeWA than ServiceWA, the former of which the Government intends to phase-out.

While I wouldn’t describe the app ServiceWA as a total flop, it’s quite clear that it doesn’t meet the expectations of Western Australians, myself included.

Western Australians have been one of the most COVID compliant populations in the world: dutifully obeying snap lockdowns and mask mandates.

The Government has betrayed that trust by failing to develop an app that allows them to easily carry out all the tasks that come with living in a COVID-19 world.

Before I became a Member of Parliament, I worked as a software engineering manager. I’ve worked on everything from apps to e-commence and cybersecurity.

If the Premier needs any help to fix ServiceWA, I am more than happy to assist.