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STATEMENT: Tucker launches 'BYOQ' in Kalgoorlie

WA Daylight Saving Leader Wilson Tucker has today launched Bring Your Own Question (“BYOQ"), an ‘e-service’ allowing Kalgoorlie residents to submit their own parliamentary questions.

Mr Tucker said that he launched the service to showcase the benefits of digital and direct forms of democracy saying that, “technology empowers people”.

“Regional WA is a big place. My hope is that by making myself more accessible online, more people will choose to participate in our democracy,” Mr Tucker said. 

“I want everyone in Kalgoorlie to know that if they need someone to light a fire under the Government, I’m their guy,” Mr Tucker said.

In a letter to residents this week, Mr Tucker said that another reason why he launched BYOQ was to test the Government’s commitment to regional WA.

“The debate on electoral reform ended with the Government more or less saying that even though there may be fewer regional voices under the new legislation, the outcomes for regional WA will be just as good because ‘Labor cares about the regions’,” Mr Tucker said.

“If Labor is true to their word, they’ll answer the peoples’ questions sincerely and take action on any shortcomings that they may reveal. And if they don’t, the mask will drop and reveal a wolf in sheep’s clothing that never cared about democracy or the welfare of the regions,” Mr Tucker said.

Mr Tucker has encouraged Kalgoorlie residents to lodge their questions by Friday 11 March 2022 via the web portal

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