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The power imbalance we face

WA is facing a housing crisis, with some of the lowest rates of rental availability in Australia, which is making it very difficult for renters to find suitable accommodation.

Given the lack of rental availability and the power imbalance that exists between renters and landlords, many renters don’t feel they can exercise their rights under the Residential Tenancies Act for fear of being evicted without a legitimate reason and face homelessness as a result.


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Here’s the situation... You know it, I’m sure


Weekly rental prices have risen by 52% in the past three years


WA is now considered the rent-rise capital of the country


Essential workers can only afford 1% of rental properties across WA


Social housing waitlist grew to 33,987 in January 2023

Removing no grounds evictions ensures that landlords can still exercise their rights to evict tenants who don’t pay rent, damage the property or behave in an antisocial way under the existing grounds, while also ensuring tenants aren’t evicted by landlords who wish to side step tenant protections and impose an excessive rent increase or ignore legitimate repair requests. This reform would provide greater certainty and protection for consumers alike.


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WA is the only Australian state left


WA is the only Australian state that hasn’t removed or committed to removing no grounds evictions, with every other state acknowledging that this practice must go.

Why is that the case? Well, the government has an unwavering stance that scrapping no-grounds evictions will spook investors - an argument based on biased data. If our government truly cares about improving the balance, they should consider the evidence put forth by the Australian Housing and Research Institute that states, “It does not support the contention that tenancy law reforms have caused landlords to disinvest.”

Instead, they are fuelling this housing crisis which disempowers renters and favours investors. Achieving real balance means a refocus on fairer conditions for the 30% of West Australian's who rent.

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What can you do to help?


A petition is now open to end no grounds evictions in WA, but we need your help to give the issue weight in parliament.

Signing the petition helps us advocate for a step forward for giving renters a fair go.

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  • When my contract came to an end, one of the landlords made out their son & wife were moving in. When I turned up to do a final clean, I caught a photographer there, preparing for the house to go back on the market at a higher rate... I’m now homeless and can’t compete with couples who have the money.

    Anonymous South Perth Renter

  • Our rent has gone up 42% in a year and a half. According to the landlord, this is based on prospective tenancy activity and sent us "similar rentals in the area." These were all renovated houses and we can't event get the repairs we asked for on time or don properly. We feel like we can't complain in fear of being evicted on no-grounds.

    Anonymous Perth Renter

  • I'm a single mum with 2 kids and homeless as we were evicted on no-grounds

    Anonymous North Perth Renter

Resources to help you now

Help is available for residential tenants who need further advice, require assistance in negotiating with their landlord or property manager, or have a tenancy-related legal issue through the Tenancy Advice and Education Service (TAES).

Circle Green offers state-wide telephone-based assistance, or you can contact one of the TAES providers listed below that are closest to you.

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Consumer Protection provides advice and information for Western Australian consumers, businesses, landlords and tenants.

As a tenant, you will need to know your rights and responsibilities. Consumer Protection offers a range of resources to help you navigate this and are available to provide advice on what your next steps should be.

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Shelter WA is the peak body in Western Australia for the community housing and homelessness sectors. Advocating for a vision that all people living in Western Australia have housing that enables them to thrive.

They offer a range of resources and advice to help you navigate the rental market, affordable housing and shelter.

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