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Question Time

Why Question Time?

Parliamentary questions are an effective way to hold the Government to account.

However, politicians like me don't always know what's happening in every nook and cranny of our great state.

That's why I need you, the people, to tell me if the Government is letting you down, or if you think that they could be doing their job better.

How it works

To lodge your Question, simply:

  1. Add your personal details to the form on this page
  2. Select the Minister to whom your question relates (if you don't know, select 'not sure')
  3. Give me a few details about your idea or what you'd like to ask

As soon as I hear back from the Government, I'll get back to you with what they've had to say.

If you're curious about how parliamentary questions work, you can read up on the process over here

Lodge your Question